Special introductory offer for youtube, instagram and tiktok followers:

Are you ready to book your session?


  • Guideline turnaround time for portrait sessions is one week

  • Final edited photos will be delivered online to the client. Unedited images are not released

  • In accordance with the contract the client ensures not to make any modification to images including but not limited filters or cropping

  • Photographer maintains the right to share images on their social media platforms and website

  • Location of the shoot in West London will be provided to you

  • Dates for this introductory offer are limited. I offer 1-2 days a month, and bookings fill up fast.

You may know me from my short videos where I go up to strangers and ask to take a photo.
To see the videos check out my social media!

Special Introductory offer for tiktok, instagram & youtube followers £99:
(this offer is time limited)

  • 5-10 minute shoot

  • 1 location outside in natural light

  • 2 edits in full resolution print quality

  • I reserve the right to film & maybe post it online on tiktok, youtube, instagram & social media channels, in the form of a wholesome uplifting video with photos!
    NB: not guaranteed

The majority of a photographer's time is spent in the studio carefully selecting & editing. This, combined with the time to learn, research & maintain camera gear, contributes to the price. A common misconception is that the work starts & ends with the session, but the reality that is it's a fraction of the work involved.

I appreciate that for the majority of people who aren't in business or acting- unlike most of my clients, good portrait photography can be prohibitive (my normal prices are here). Below is a special introductory offer for my social media followers who might not otherwise be able to afford professional portraits. Although only 10 minutes, this is plenty to get some amazing images - my tiktok videos are only a 1 minute shoot & you can view their results on the portrait geek tiktok channel or portrait geek instagram channel :) This offer won't be available forever...