About Me

Hello! I'm Alex, a music composer producer & photographer based in the UK. I started photography at the age of 12 when my aunt & uncle gave me an old PENTAX 35mm SLR camera someone had thrown away in a bush! Photography became a passion of mine as I learned about the technology, lenses, f-stops, and how to use light to get the best shots on film. I started work taking actors headshots in around 2009. Although gear has changed a lot since those days, the principles & my passion for photography hasn't...

I take most of my portrait photos in London and surrounding areas. If you like my work please feel free to take a look at my youtube, tiktok & social media videos where I go up to strangers & take photos. To see some of my videos, click the social media icons below..

About My Work

The Photoshoots

If I can bring a moment of happiness to anyone's day by showing them how beautiful, valued & important they are in the world, it's rewarding. People on the street are often stressed & rushing to work with life problems. I walk up to strangers, to those who might ordinarily not have time or money for a professional portrait, and ask if I can take a portrait of them on the street. I have found it to be one of the most enriching projects in my career.

It’s not as easy as a controlled photoshoot as you don’t have time to make everything perfect, but by choosing locations & lighting it’s possible to get some truly amazing results.

To book your own portraits, please click below:

You might know me from my short videos in which I go up to strangers outside & ask them for a street portrait photo & hopefully having a positive confidence boosting impact on their day. Although these videos are only 1 minute long, they take a long time to create.

If you enjoy them, to give me more time to create these non-profit videos, please consider donating: