Collaborate with portrait geek on social media

Portrait Geek live media kit:

Portrait Geek is live on most social media platforms - please see the live media kit link above to view up-to-date total of followers, engagement rates & demographics.


  • Tag your company, name, account, product(s) or location

  • Mention your company, name, account or product(s) organically in the title or description

  • Travel to your event to photograph strangers

  • Include a video clip of your company logo on a sign or building at the location of the video

  • Photograph strangers outside your coffee shop or restaurant, ask them how their food or drink was

  • Please feel free to make additional requests, as long as they don't break the social media platform's rules!

  • Alex (portrait geek) is devoted to producing videos in the same format - short uplifting videos asking strangers for a portrait photo.

  • Acting is unfortunately not on offer - each shoot is genuinely of stranger :)

  • Please email photo [at] portraitgeek [dot] com with the exact text / details you'd like, where you'd like it, along with the rate you're offering.


Various influencer rate calculators are available online. Portraitgeek's rate is up for negotionation.

If you would like Alex to travel, it is charged at £200 per hour return trip plus travel expenses, to help cover his time away from other work. As with the influencer price, this is negotiable.

To give you an idea of approximate ballparks, please feel free to use the third party calculators below. Just remember to type in portrait geek's username exactly (INSTAGRAM: "portraitgeeek" TIKTOK: "portraitgeek" YOUTUBE: "portraitgeek")

Example rates:

Below is a sample of the results from influencer pricing calculators in May 2024 - these rates change in line with market conditions and as portraitgeek's profile grows: